Waterproof Turnout Rugs

Turnout rugs are designed to keep your horse warm and dry while they are out in the field. It can ensure that they are happy and comfortable even during the cold winter months and can prevent them from getting wet. If you are looking for a waterproof turnout rug that is durable, warm and can be easily dried and cleaned, check out our extensive range today.

Does my horse need a waterproof turnout rug?

Waterproof turnout rugs are an essential piece of tack that all horse owners should have, especially if you live in an area with a lot of rainfall. Horses regularly need to be ‘turned out’ so that they can enjoy the fresh air while ensuring that their stable is properly cleaned out. But when the weather is poor or the temperature is cold, your horse needs to be protected from the elements. Waterproof turnout rugs ensure that your horse is well protected from all weather conditions while also ensuring that they won’t be too weighed down. These types of horse rugs are also breathable, meaning that they allow perspiration to evaporate, keeping your horse cool no matter the temperature.

Here are some benefits of the best waterproof turnout rugs:

Keeps the horse dry

British weather can be unpredictable, one minute it can be beautiful and the next it can be pouring heavily. Because these turnout rugs are waterproof, it means that the horse can stay cosy and dry even in the worst weather conditions, meaning that you can be certain that your horse is comfortable while it is out in the field.

Wet weather can wreak havoc on horse skin and, if not protected, can cause a number of different issues, such as mud fever and rain scald. Because their skin is amazingly delicate, you need to do everything you can to protect your horse. Buy the best waterproof turnout rug here today.


Because the weather can be unpredictable, your horse needs to wear something that will both keep them dry during wet weather while also ensuring that they aren’t too weighed down in warmer weather. Our horse waterproof turnout rugs are designed to be lightweight and protective, so your horse doesn’t feel weighed down. Even if your horse decides to run about or play in the field, it won’t feel the weight.

If your horse loves playing out in the field, even when it’s raining, make sure that it is protected with the best waterproof turnout rug.


Although horses are great at regulating their temperature, they sweat a lot in order to be able to regulate their temperature. Therefore, the covers they wear need to be breathable, so that their sweat can evaporate and they won’t overheat. No matter the weather or how much running your horse decides to do while they are in the field, our lightweight and breathable waterproof turnout rugs make a perfect choice.


Although these rugs are lightweight, that doesn’t mean that they can’t protect your horse from the winter chill. Because the waterproof covering prevents rain and snow from hitting your horse’s skin, meaning that they can stay warm throughout the day. If you buy a waterproof turnout rug that fits snugly around your horse, it can also prevent them from wind chill, meaning that they will be able to enjoy their day outside without feeling cold.

What materials are waterproof turnout rugs made from?

The best waterproof turnout rugs are usually made from a synthetic outer material that can easily repel and keep water out. Many rugs are also made of ‘ripstop’ material which ensures that they don’t tear or snag. These rugs can be paired with under layers for comfort and to ensure that the horse is warm even in the coldest temperatures.

These rugs come in a number of different ‘strengths’ that are measured in denier. The higher the denier, the stronger it is. This means that it is less prone to tearing or snagging and will last longer. If you are looking for a high-quality rug that will last for many years, even if you have a playful horse, you should get a rug that has a high denier.

These rugs are also available in a number of different thicknesses. The filling of each rug is measured in grams, and the lighter rugs have almost no filling, meaning that they are the perfect option for summer. For winter, you should opt for a thicker rug with more stuffing that will keep your horse warm and will also keep them dry all winter.

To ensure that your horse’s waterproof turnout rug is the right size and to ensure that it offers maximum protection, you need to make sure that it is sufficiently long to cover the horse and that none of its belly is visible once the coat is on. A rug that is too tight can cause the skin of the horse to rub which can be uncomfortable and can lead to infection.

Waterproof turnout rugs also come in an array of different neck designs, each with a specific purpose. You can find personalised horse rugs or patterned horse rugs which can match your horse’s unique personality. Most rugs don’t cover the neck, but most have a zip or rings where you can attach a hood or neck cover if the weather is particularly bad. This will protect the horse’s face and neck from rain.


What is the difference between a waterproof turnout rug and a stable rug?

Waterproof turnout rugs are designed for horses that spend a lot of their time outdoors, as they are meant to protect your horse from wind and rain. Stable rugs, on the other hand, are usually used if a horse has been clipped and is living indoors. As they may not have the space to warm themselves in their stable, the stable rug ensures that they are warm even on the coldest days.

Can I use a waterproof turnout rug in a stable?

There is no reason why you can’t use a waterproof turnout rug as an indoor rug, as long as the horse is comfortable. Because they are so lightweight, they make the perfect cover for days that are not cold but still require some cover.

At what temperature should you use a waterproof turnout rug?

The temperature you should put a tug on a horse varies depending on whether they have been clipped or not. However, most horses will not start feeling the cold until it is below 0 Celsius outside, so you only need to put a rug on if temperatures are freezing. If the weather is rainy, you should always wrap your horse up in a waterproof rug or winter horse rug.