Different types of horse rugs UK owners need

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Different types of horse rugs UK owners need

When it comes to horse rugs, there’s a rug for all eventualities. Horse rugs aren’t just for the wet or muddy weather; they are really handy pieces of kit that can be used in all weathers, for all occasions and for all manner of reasons. Horse rugs will keep your horse warm, dry and clean in the winter months, and come summer, they can protect your horse from the sun and help keep flies at bay. Whatever you need, we have the best horse rugs available for all needs and to suit all budgets.

In the UK, we know the weather can be hit and miss. We can have glorious sunshine and warm, muggy nights, then the next day, the heavens open and we’re having to contend with a deluge of rain, gusts of wind and inches of mud. As a result, we know that horse rugs have to work in all conditions and temperatures, and let’s face it, they need to stand up to the heavy use they’re put through!

Lightweight summer sheets will help keep your horse clean, protected from rain and wind, yet cool enough for hot days. Cooling rugs are ideal for really hot days or after exercise, helping wick away sweat and moisture from the skin, keeping your horse comfortable and dry. Winter rugs will ensure your horse stays protected from the elements and stays toasty warm, even in the harshest conditions.

If you’re travelling and showing your horse or pony, we have a great selections of show rugs that will keep your horse looking pristine while they travel to their destination. We also have a great selection of horse travel rugs that can be personalised to you and your horse, making the perfect gift for any horse owner or just as a treat for your favourite four-hoofed friend.

If you’re unsure which type of horse rug to buy, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We know there is such a large selection of horse rugs for different uses, so as well as looking good, you want to make sure you’re buying the right rug for your horse’s needs. On this page, we’ll give you all the information you need to know about buying the best horse rugs in the UK and show you all the various types of horse rugs for sale so you can make your choice easily.

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With such a huge variety of horse rugs for sale, the choice can be overwhelming. Horse rugs come in all colours, sizes and styles, and we want to help you find the perfect rug for your horse or pony! We even have special rugs for your Shetland Pony available to buy online today.

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Popular Horse Rugs For Sale

Whether you’re looking for heavy-weight winter rugs, lightweight summer sheets, rugs for a Shetland pony, waterproof rugs, smart show rugs, personalised rugs, or full horse body suits, you’ve come to the right place.

Although the choice is vast, there are a few different types of horse rugs that most horse owners will always need as staples. These are usually turnout rugs, stable rugs and fly rugs or summer sheets. All of these are available in different variations and of course, different sizes, to fit your horse, and each serves a different purpose.

Probably the most useful and popular horse rug is the turnout rug. If you’re a new horse owner, it’s probably the first rug you’ll need to purchase, and if you’re an experienced owner, it was probably the first rug you ever bought. These types of horse rugs come in various styles and thicknesses and are used for when your horse is turned out in the field. These rugs are subject to lots of wear and heavy use, and many are now made of high-quality, purpose-made ‘rip-stop’ material, designed to not snag or tear.

Popular Horse Rug Categories Online

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Popular Horse Rug Categories Online

Another popular category of horse rugs UK owners opt for is the stable rug, and as the name suggests, it is for use while your horse is stabled. These particular horse rugs are not waterproof and are not for outdoor use. These types of horse rugs are usually padded or quilted and come in a range of thicknesses to suit the various temperatures and conditions. They tend to allow the horse’s skin to breathe and help keep sweat and moisture away from the body.

Although horse rugs tend to get the most use in the cooler or rainier months, in the summer, certain horse rugs can prove essential for keeping your horse or pony comfortable. As a result, many horse owners invest in a fly rug. Fly rugs are designed to protect the horse’s skin in the summer and are lightweight to allow the skin to breathe, which is essential. Their primary use is to keep any biting insects at bay and stop flies from irritating the skin, ensuring your horse stays comfortable.

As well as keeping insects at bay, they can also protect from the sun, protecting light-skinned horses from getting sunburn, and darker horses coats from being bleached by the sun. They usually come in lighter colours to reflect the sun away and are made from breathable poly-cotton, often with mesh panels to allow air to flow through and keep your horse cool.

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View Our Horse Rug Categories

We have every type of horse rug for sale you could wish for available on our online store. Check out each category for information on every type of horse rug and then simply add to your basket and check out once you’ve made your decision. We’re confident we have the best horse rugs for all your horse’s needs and you will be 100% satisfied with your purchase!



How do I know if my horse is warm enough?

Seeing as our horses can’t tell us if they’re too warm or cold, we need to check ourselves. You can feel under their rug along the shoulders and chest to gauge temperature. If they still feel cold, opt for a heavier rug. If they feel damp, they’re probably too warm and need a lighter weight rug.

Do all horses need a rug?

There are some breeds that are very hardy and have thick coats, allowing them to live out without rugs, all year round. Even though these horses may regulate their temperature, rugs can still be useful for keeping flies at bay in the summer, protecting your horse from the sun and keeping them clean too.

Can I over rug my horse?

Yes. If you over rug your horse, it can lead to overheating, sweating, skin irritation and metabolic disorders, in more serious cases. So, always check you have the right horse rug for the current conditions and your horse’s needs.

No matter the type of horse rug you need, for winter, spring, summer or autumn, to fight off the rain or protect against flys, you can find the right option right here at Horse Rugs Online.


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