Heavy Weight Horse Rugs

Heavy weight horse rugs provide your horse with an extra layer of protection during the coldest winter weather, keep them comfortable and offers an exceptional level of warmth. Heavyweight rugs for horses include 300 to 400 grams of filling to keep your horse warm if there is a biting snap of cold. Heavy horse rugs are waterproof, designed to be durable and can comfortably handle daily wear and tear. We find that horses with thin coats or well-clipped horses benefit tremendously from the best heavyweight turnout rug to keep them warm during winter.

Do I need heavyweight rugs for horses?

Your need for heavy horse rugs is going to largely depend on your horse, its coat and its surrounding environment. We find that horses that are outdoors often or have naturally short coats benefit the most from heavy horse rugs. If your horse has recently had a trim, a heavyweight rug works well to keep them warm. The best heavyweight turnout rug for horses offers a number of benefits, particularly during the colder months in the UK.

Superior insulation

Horses struggle to regulate their own body temperature, particularly during winter when the air is much colder which is why they may need a horse rug. Even if you stable your horse over winter, the lack of space makes it difficult for horses to warm up effectively. This problem can be remedied with one of our heavy horse rugs that are designed to provide superior insulation, even when temperatures drop below zero.

Heavy weight horse rugs can be used to keep your horse warm overnight with no problems. If you are unsure about regulating your horse’s body temperature, place your hand on their withers to see if it is cold to the touch. If it is cold, then your horse probably needs an extra layer of insulation. If it is wet from sweat, then your horse is overheating and you should switch to a lightweight horse rug.

Regulates cooling

Heavyweight rugs for horses also help regulate their cooling after a strenuous activity such as exercise. During the winter months, horses can cool down too quickly from their perspiration and end up too cold. The best heavyweight turnout rug will be able to regulate cooling so that horses don’t cool down too quickly and get cold. Heavy horse rugs do their job very quickly though, so if you use one after exercise be sure to check that your horse doesn’t get too hot too quickly.

Improves cleanliness

Horses are notorious for accumulating dirt and dust when out in the field or even in their stable. What’s worse, when they do get dirty, horses become uncomfortable, itchy and irritated. A good heavyweight horse rug acts as a barrier that keeps dust and debris from getting on their coat. If you are going to a show or event, a heavyweight rug for horses can help keep their coats in pristine condition and prevent dust from collecting.

Good, heavy weight horse rugs are also great to use directly after bathing your horse because they can quickly dry them off before they get too cold. Be careful, though, as heavy weight horse rugs work very quickly and your horse may overheat if it is left on for too long.

What materials are used in heavy weight horse rugs?

The best heavyweight turnout rugs are designed with insulation in mind, so they feature a fill of at least 300 grams. This thick padding works as an excellent insulator and keeps horses warm in the winter, even if they have short or clipped coats. Generally speaking, the outer layer will be made from waterproof synthetics such as nylon or polyester to keep your horse dry and protected from the elements.

The lining of heavy weight horse rugs tends to be made from a breathable material and in many cases includes antibacterial qualities to prevent any infections. Heavyweight rugs are designed for cold weather, so they are normally used when temperatures drop below zero. For the rest of the year, a lightweight or medium weight horse rug will suffice.

What is unique about heavy weight horse rugs?

When compared to other types of horse rugs, the heavy weight horse rugs offer superior insulation and protection in exchange for extra weight and a drop in breathability. Heavy weight turnout rugs for horses are designed to protect against rain, snow, mud, dirt and drops in temperature.

The best approach is to have a tack room that houses multiple rugs for your horse, depending on the weather and season. A heavyweight horse rug is best suited for the coldest times of the year and will do an especially good job of keeping short-haired horses warm when the mercury dips below zero.

If your horse has a short coat, then a heavy horse rug is an essential piece of kit as short coats do a very poor job of keeping horses warm. A heavy weight horse rug adds an extra layer of protection from the elements as well as additional insulation to stop the cold from affecting your horse. This is especially true during the winter months, even if your horse is stabled.

It is important to consider your horse’s needs before investing in a heavy weight horse rug, but generally, they are very useful for cold conditions. If your horse has recently been trimmed or has a naturally short coat, using a heavy weight horse rug during winter is essential in the UK. Ponies and smaller horses greatly benefit from the insulation that heavyweight rugs for horses provide, even Shetland ponies who can benefit from specially-designed Shetland pony rugs.


When should I use a heavy weight horse rug?

All horses are different, so you need to assess how your horse handles colder temperatures before providing them with a heavy weight horse rug. Generally speaking though, heavy weight horse rugs are best used between temperatures of 0 to 4 degrees. When things get colder than that, you should consider including a neck cover and possibly even liner rugs underneath.

If your horse has a naturally thin coat or has recently had a trim, then a heavy weight horse rug should be used to help them regulate their temperature during the colder months of the year.

Can I use a stable rug with my turnout rug?

Mixing and matching rugs is perfectly acceptable, provided your horse doesn’t overheat and the rugs provide some level of breathability. Stable rugs do get dirty quite easily though, so if you take your horse out with a stable rug it will probably need to be cleaned afterwards. It is always a good idea to have a variety of horse rugs available to accommodate for any changes in temperature.

How do I know what size heavy weight horse rug to buy?

Before purchasing a heavy weight horse rug, you need to measure your horse. Doing this is the only surefire way of getting a well-fitted rug for your horse. To do this, follow these instructions:

  • Find a flat surface for your horse to stand on.
  • Measure from the centre of your horse’s chest and follow the measurement to the middle of their hindquarters (this should be about 10 inches below the tail dock).
  • The UK uses imperial measurements for horse rugs, so make sure that you convert your measurements to imperial afterwards.

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