Lightweight Stable Rugs

Lightweight stable rugs for horses are a versatile way to regulate your horse’s temperature during warmer months. The best lightweight stable rugs offer warmth without overheating, keeping your horse comfortable and content in their stable. Our selection of lightweight stable rugs are breathable and made using quality materials so there are no issues with chaffing and they are built to last. We recommend lightweight stable rugs for all horses, ponies and cobs that have thinner coats or as an additional layer of protection during bad weather. With a range of horse rugs available online, browse our range of lightweight stable rugs below.

Are lightweight stable rugs for horses essential?

Lightweight stable rugs for horses are typically designed to offer light protection from cold weather and the elements. They contain around 100g of filling, which offers good lightweight protection without causing overheating. Although not essential for every type of horse, a lightweight stable rug is an excellent addition to any tack room as it offers excellent versatility. Lightweight stable rugs for horses offer a number of benefits throughout the colder months, including:

Temperature regulation

Horses that have naturally thin coats or have just been clipped struggle to keep warm and regulate their body temperature effectively. Using a lightweight stable rug offers an additional layer of warmth that helps keep your horse’s temperature regulated without causing overheating. If temperatures drop further, you can add an additional stable rug or attach a neck cover or horse hood to stop your horse from feeling cold.

Lightweight stable rugs offer a reasonable amount of warmth for your horse during the cooler temperatures, but with only 100g of filling it is less suited for winter. Using a lightweight stable rug for your horse helps keep them clean, stops stable stains from developing and makes it easier to groom and bathe your horse. For additional warmth and security, you can add a neck cover to your lightweight stable rug to keep your horse warmer, cleaner and tidier.

We would recommend layering lightweight stable rugs for horses underneath waterproof turnout rugs for added insulation and to stop rain from being absorbed into the rugs. Stable rugs, generally speaking, are not waterproof so you should be mindful to throw a turnout rug on top as an outer layer if the horse is out in the rain.

Improved cooling

Lightweight stable rugs are designed to be breathable, which helps horses keep cool after they have been exercising. Lightweight stable rugs are particularly useful during months where there is a slight dip in temperature when horses can cool down too quickly after an exerting activity. A lightweight horse rug can slow down the cooldown process and make your horse more comfortable.

Repels dust and dirt

Horses get dirty very easily, especially if they have been out and about in fields or paddocks. A dirty horse is an uncomfortable one, as the dirt and debris irritate their skin and leave them agitated. Using a lightweight stable rug can help repel dust and dirt from building up on your horse’s coat, keeping them in top condition and feeling great.

A lightweight horse rug is also useful when cleaning horses and drying them off. The additional layer can help with evaporation, so horses dry off before they get too cold.

What are lightweight stable rugs made out of?

The best lightweight stable rug for your horse should be made from a lightweight material such as cotton. They are designed with mild weather in mind and they are typically worn indoors or on the way to a horse show. Lightweight stable rugs are designed with a dust-repellent layer to help keep dust, debris and dirt away from your horse’s coat.

Most lightweight horse rugs are not waterproof, so make sure that you don’t get them wet or leave them out in the rain. Due to their lightweight design, these rugs are best suited for the milder seasons but can still be used as an additional layer during the colder months.

What is unique about lightweight horse rugs?

Lightweight horse rugs offer a much more breathable protective layer for horses, which is perfect to keep them warm or to regulate cooling down. Although not the best insulators, they do provide a good level of protection against the wind however they are not waterproof.

We recommend stocking your tack room with a variety of stable rugs and horse rugs to accommodate the changes in temperature throughout the year. A lightweight horse rug helps during milder months and is useful as an extra insulating layer when things get colder. They are particularly useful for horses with short coats.

Lightweight stable rugs are ideal for any type of horse, depending on their needs. Although they don’t offer the same level of insulation as a heavyweight horse rug, lightweight stable rugs are an excellent way to finetune temperature regulation and keep your horse clean.


When should I use a lightweight stable rug?

As seasons change and temperatures fluctuate, it is important to know when a lightweight stable rug is best used. The answer to this will depend on your horse’s breed, weight, the work they do and the thickness of their coats. Generally speaking, horses are better adapted to colder weather than us, so knowing when to use a lightweight stable rug can be difficult.

We have found that when temperatures are anywhere between 5 and 10 degrees celsius, horses can find great benefit from using a lightweight stable rug. Other times to use a lightweight stable rug is when transporting your horse to their horsebox or if they are going to an event.

Can I use a turnout rug with my lightweight stable rug?

Yes, and we encourage mix-and-matching rugs depending on the weather. It is important to focus on your horse’s temperature, as too many layers may cause overheating. A good indicator of this is to check their haunches to see if there is any sweat. If there is – lose a layer because they are overheating!

Using a turnout rug alongside a lightweight stable rug can offer additional warmth and improved temperature regulation for your horse. Moreover, as stable rugs aren’t waterproof adding an additional, waterproof layer can help keep the rain off of the lightweight rug. It is worth bearing in mind that stable rugs do get dirty quickly, so you may need to clean it after use.

How do I know what size lightweight stable rug to buy?

Knowing what size of a lightweight stable rug is best for your horse requires some measurements. To make sure your lightweight stable rug fits snugly onto your horse, try to perform the following steps:

  • Have your horse stand on a flat surface.
  • Measure your horse from the centre of their chest to the middle of their hindquarters. For reference, this is about 10 inches below the docked tail of a horse.
  • Remember that in the UK, imperial measurements are used for horse rugs and stable rugs. You should convert your measurements to imperial if you want to find out the right size for your horse.

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