Medium Weight Horse Rugs

If you’re in need of a medium weight horse rug in the late winter months in order to keep your horses as warm and comfortable as possible, check out our range of medium horse rugs below. Our wide range of designs and styles including personalised horse rugs and patterned horse rugs means that we offer the perfect option for any horse owner and stable, so you can keep your equine friend happy and healthy.

Why does my horse need a medium weight horse rug?

Whilst the colder months of the year mean that your stables are rid of the dangers that flies can bring to your horses, they bring a new threat that can be very dangerous. Medium weight horse rugs are vital in the winter months, and just a few of the important benefits they bring to both horse and owner include:


One of the main reasons you might want to look at using a medium horse rug in the winter months is to keep your horse safe and healthy. The winter months can be the most dangerous of the year, and one of the greatest threats to them is the cold. Allowing your horse to get cold means that they are more likely to be susceptible to illnesses, and recovery from injuries can be much more difficult. By simply offering your horse medium weight horse rugs throughout this period, you can eliminate some of the danger that the colder months might bring with them. Some horses may need a lightweight horse rug or heavy weight horse rug depending on the weather, type of horse and any specific requirements that they have, however a medium weight is a great option to have in the tack.

Lower required food intakes

As with any animal throughout the winter months, horses can struggle to keep their temperature high on their own. This is because their metabolism needs to work harder, and they digest more food quickly in order to retain core body heat. By having one of the many medium-weight horse rugs for sale, you can keep your horse’s core body temperature higher without having to go through even more food. In the long run, this can save you money and make sure that your horse is still in great shape by the time spring rolls around again.


Although warmth is ideal for your horse, they also need to stay comfy through the year’s darkest months. There is no better way of doing so than making use of a medium horse rug. These can keep your horses dry and cosy in the darkest months of the year, helping to keep any rain from leaky stable roofs and any cold breezes off them. Comfort is key for the mental health of any animal, and a medium weight horse rug ensures that your horse is happy and comfortable through what would otherwise be an extremely difficult period if you weren’t adequately prepared.

What to look for in medium weight horse rugs

There are several different features you need to look out for when rugging your horse. Although these features vary in importance, they all make a big difference to either the way the medium weight horse rugs for your horse works or the functionality for the horse’s owner. Read on for more information about what you need to see in a turnout rug to achieve the quality you’re looking for in any medium weight horse rug sale.

Please note that you should always do your own research on any horse rugs. Every horse is different, so by properly understanding your horse and applying these factors in the right ways you can make the most of your purchase. Poor rug purchasing decisions could lead to discomfort and a cold horse, and nobody wants that. Account for the factors below and apply them in a way that is unique for your horse.


Medium horse rugs can come with a range of different concentrations of insulation. This means that they offer a different extent of protection, and may have a different impact on long term health from horse to horse. For example, a young horse with a thick undercoat is far more likely to stay warm on its own, so picking a less insulated medium horse rug would come with clear benefits. On the other hand, an older horse with a weaker metabolism would likely struggle to do so, making the use of a more insulated horse rug vital to their ongoing health.


In addition to the insulation of a horse rug, you need to make sure that the material in use is just right for your horse. In the same way as people, horses can be allergic to materials used in clothing, blankets and rugs. This means that if you choose a rug and its construction includes materials and fabrics that your horse is allergic to, you could accidentally cause significant health conditions and endanger your animal. By having a full understanding of what your horse is allergic to and what is in the construction of any rugs you look at purchasing, you can keep your horse safe and have peace of mind that you’ve done nothing to risk their health.


Although many of the medium weight horse rugs for sale on the market today look similar, there are key differences and modifications in the design of each. For example, some will include leg straps that keep the rug secure around your horse’s midriff, whereas others will include sections that cover a horse’s neck and up towards the back of their head. These features mean that your horse stays as warm and comfortable as possible when using our medium weight horse rugs without you needing to go to any further effort.


Colour coding horse rugs may not seem important, but it can have a significant effect on a stable. For example, if your horses enter competitions, having a consistent design theme throughout your rugs, including your show rug, can help your stable to look more coherent and present a unified front. Although you might not think that rug design is at all important, buying horse rugs that work in tandem with one another has significant effects on how people perceive your stables.


When should you make use of a medium weight horse rug?

Horse rugs with a medium level of stuffing and insulation can be used in the colder times of the year. However, using them in the summer months can lead to your horse overheating and being dehydrated. By closely tracking when you use your horse rug you can keep them safe and healthy.

Are different rugs priced differently?

Typically you can expect to pay the same amount when the rug variation is purely cosmetic, such as a change in colour. However, in the case that there are variations in the function and material of the rug, it’s likely that you’ll need to pay more.

Do rugs for the summer months exist?

If you want to keep your horses protected through the summer months, look into getting them a fly sheet and fly mask. These don’t cause your horse to overheat but protect them from UV rays and insect bites. These may be needed in the autumn or rainier period of the summer months depending on your local area and can be coupled with a lightweight horse rug.