Medium Weight Turnout Rugs

When looking for your perfect horse rug online, it can sometimes be difficult to know what the best option for your horse is. Medium weight turnout rugs are approximately 200 grams in weight and are designed to keep your horse warm and clean during colder months in the stable. They often come with a variety of features, including adjustable chest straps and cross surcingles. Typically made from polyester, they are machine washable. Don’t hesitate to check out the best medium weight turnout rugs in the UK among our wide selection today.

When should your horse wear a medium weight turnout rug?

Horse medium weight turnout rugs are vital, even for a clipped horse. The best medium turnout rugs offer approximately 200 grams to 250 grams of insulation, providing horses with much-needed protection and warmth from the elements.

Your horse is turned out

Even if your horse is stabled and turned out, it’ll have to brave the elements at some point during winter, so it’s important that you buy a medium weight turnout rug to protect your horse from snow, rain and wind.

Your horse is at risk of losing weight

If your horse drops weight easily, it’s likely that cold weather is a key factor. A medium weight turnout rug will help keep them warm and comfortable.

Your horse is clipped

A clipped horse will need a heavier rug than a horse that is unclipped. This is because your horse is unable to use its coat for natural insolation, as clipped hair can’t stand on end and create a layer of insulating body heat.

Types of medium weight turnout rug styles


This is a traditional medium turnout rug shape that has no neck cover and ends at the horse’s withers. This will be the same for lightweight turn out rugs and heavy weight turnout rugs also.


This type of turnout rug style comes in the same shape as a standard medium turnout rug, but it also features an additional neck cover that cannot be removed. This helps keep your horse as dry and warm as possible in the cold.

Half neck

A half-neck medium weight turnout rug comes with an extended neck to reduce the pressure on the withers, as well as to offer additional coverage. You may consider pairing this with a horse hood.

Separate neck cover

You can choose to buy a medium weight turnout rug with a separate neck cover, which allows you to alter the protection provided based on the weather.

Features of a medium weight turnout rug

Weather resistant and waterproof

When comparing medium weight turnout rugs on sale, you want to make sure the rug you buy is breathable, waterproof and weather-resistant. While different types of horses suit certain designs, cuts and neck configurations, it’s important that your medium weight turnout rug can withstand excessive rain, doesn’t slip or rub and can survive the wear and tear that comes from a horse turning out.

A tightly woven fabric or a higher denier count can help repel wind and water more efficiently. So, this is definitely an important feature to look out for when finding the best medium weight turnout rugs in the UK.

Tough outer material

It goes without saying that a medium weight turnout rug will need a very tough outer fabric. This will allow it to withstand even a very active and playful horse during the colder months.

Soft inner fabric

While medium weight turnout rugs need to have a very strong exterior, the inner lining needs to prevent rubbing, repel water and mud, as well as keep the coat shiny. A lining like nylon that has no top inner seams will help to preserve your horse’s beautiful mane.


Trigger clips that are adjustable help you manage a medium turnout rug even when your hands are wet and cold.

Caring for and maintaining a medium weight turnout rug

The last thing you want to have to do is buy a new medium weight turnout rug every year. To avoid this, you need to clean it regularly and store it properly when it’s not being used. A damaged rug won’t fulfil its job properly and your horse may suffer because of that. But how do you care for a medium weight turnout rug?

Send your medium turnout rug to professional cleaners

The most time-efficient option is to send out your medium turnout rug to professional cleaners. This is ideal if your medium weight turnout rug is heavy or big, as this can make it harder to clean yourself.

Cleaning the medium weight turnout rug yourself

If you don’t want to send your medium weight turnout rug to the cleaners, you can clean it yourself in the same way you might clean your fly rug or stable rug. While most medium turnout rugs won’t be machine washable, it’s important that you pay close attention to the washing instructions so that you don’t cause damage to the rug during the cleaning process.

Chances are you’ll need to wash your medium weight turnout rug by hand. You should lay it over a fence and use a hard-bristled brush to remove grass and dirt from it. Then, turn the rug the other way around and repeat the process again.

Once you’ve done this, get a clean bin or container and fill it with some non-biodegradable soap and hot water. After this, place your medium weight turnout rug inside to soak. Leave it for a couple of hours before lifting it out, placing it on a clear surface and scrubbing it to remove any stains.

You can remove any straps and place them in a separate wash bag, which you can wash in a machine.

After washing your medium weight turnout rug, hang it over a fence or on a strong washing line – just make sure it’s high enough to not touch the ground. Don’t take it off until the medium turnout rug is completely dry.

Store your dry medium weight turnout rug on a rug rack, in a storage bag or box, or in a vacuum bag, so that it’s ready and clean for your horse when he needs it. Buy a medium turnout rug online today.


How do I determine what type of medium weight turnout rug to buy?

The type of turnout rug your horse needs depends on whether he lives in a stable or out in the field; the season; and whether or not he’s clipped.

When should I start thinking of buying a medium weight turnout rug for my horse?

As we approach the end of the year, we experience colder nights and damper mornings. For this reason, we recommend changing your horses into medium weight turnout rugs in mid-late Autumn (October/November).

How do I increase the lifespan of my medium weight turnout rug?

A good quality medium weight turnout rug should last for many years – permitting accidents and damage, of course. However, to increase the lifespan of your medium weight turnout rug, you need to clean it at least once a year and repair any damage as soon as possible.