Heavyweight Turnout Rugs

Heavyweight turnout rugs are designed to protect your horses through the coldest winters, providing warmth and comfort throughout the darkest months of the year. They are waterproof and highly durable, so you can trust them to handle the wear and tear of life at the stables. See our great range of heavyweight turnout rugs below, and find the best heavyweight turnout rug for you and your horse’s needs.

Heavy horse turnout rugs for warmth

The one thing you don’t want to happen to your horse throughout the winter months is for them to get too cold, or for their body to be unprotected from the elements throughout the most frigid period of the year. After all, whilst it might be warm inside the stable you need to consider the fact that your horse will often be stood out in the paddock, dealing with cold winds and rain. One of the best and warmest options for your horse’s protection is a heavy turnout rug.

Heavyweight turnout horse rugs are designed to be the most protective of any turnout rug available. Each individual horse needs a blanket specifically designed to keep them warm, and heavy horse turnout rugs are specifically crafted to ensure that horses are kept protected from the elements throughout the worst months of the year. If a horse gets cold it might become ill and develop issues such as joint conditions or, in some of the most severe cases, pneumonia. Keeping your horse warm throughout the winter months is the first step to protecting them from the worst of what the elements have to offer.

If you get worried about the health of your horse throughout the winter months and want them to be as comfortable as possible before taking them out for a ride, make sure that they have a turnout rug suitable for them. By considering the age, health history and personality of your horse, you can pick out a turnout rug that is ideal for their needs and gives them the support they require through the most difficult months of the year. Every horse is different, and by offering a range of turnout rugs we ensure that every individual horse has its specific needs met. You can even find heavy weight fly rugs and heavy weight stable rugs to add to your collection!

Heavy turnout rugs for style

Of course, whilst you make use of your heavy turnout rug to keep your horse safe and secure throughout the winter months, there are plenty of designs you can look into. Whether you intend to take your steed with you to competition and want them to look their best or you just want to keep your horse safe, secure and looking nice at home in the stables, you should always look to add a touch of style to your horse’s ensemble.

First, you should choose a style of turnout rug. From a heavy turnout rugs sale to a simple choice between two, no turnout rugs are exactly the same. With features including leg straps to keep your turnout rugs tight to your horse’s body to extensions that keep their neck as protected as possible, whatever your horse’s style is there is a range of features available to include in their heavyweight turnout rug. Furthermore, you can always mix and match the design features in question, so you have a heavy turnout rug with everything you could possibly need without having to try to customise it yourself.

In addition to the styling of the heavy turnout rug, you can adjust the colour to your particular needs too with a personalised horse rug. This is especially important in the case of competitions as if your stable has several different horses entering it might be ideal to match them in colour to look more professional. This is also a great opportunity to express yourself, and give your horse some character. To an outside observer, a horse is simply a horse, but a darker turnout rug might be useful to offer some further stoic character to your equine friend, where more playful horses can make full use of bright and interesting colour schemes.

Heavy turnout rugs are the ultimate opportunity for expression in a stable. The right turnout rug can make all the difference between a horse’s personality being on full display and it being hidden behind clothing that doesn’t suit the way that they act and behave. You know just how interesting and unique your horse is, so make full use of all of the accessories at your disposal to show that off to the world.

Use heavyweight turnout rugs at the right time

It’s important to make sure that you’re making full use of a heavyweight turnout rug at the right time of year. If you introduce it too early in the year you run the risk of your horse getting overheated in the good weather, whereas too late runs the risk of severe illness for your horse. By timing the use of turnout rugs you can make sure that your horse is happy and healthy all year round, rather than being uncomfortable or at risk for any period of the year.

Heavyweight turnout rugs are able to be so effective because of the way they are filled. By making full use of up to 300g of insulating filling that has been strategically placed throughout the rug, in recent years manufacturers have continued to make the most of advancing technology, and have made lighter weight turnout rugs whilst keeping their insulating features as strong as possible. This means that heavyweight turnout rugs offer the ultimate in insulation without needing to weigh your horse down or cause them any pain thanks to the accessories that keep them safe.

Furthermore, modern insulation isn’t just designed to keep the heat in. Effective insulation keeps your horse at a consistent temperature, meaning that they are comfortable throughout their time in the rug. By regulating heat instead of simply building it up, you can stay safe in the knowledge that your horse is at a safe temperature and get back to completing stable work without the niggling worries about your horse’s safety.


Does the design affect a heavy turnout rug's performance?

Design features such as colour do not affect the performance of a heavyweight turnout rug. However, features such as leg sleeves can change the performance of a rug, as more material is used to cover more of the horse, offering better insulation.

Do different heavy weight turnout rug designs cost more?

The colour and aesthetic design on a heavyweight turnout rug don’t have an impact on the price. However, features such as neck insulation may increase the price due to the fact that more materials need to be used to provide adequate cover.

Are heavy turnout rugs right for all horses?

Checking out heavy turnout rugs sales might not be right for you if you have an especially young horse, as such protection may be excessive. This is the same for very healthy horses and those prone to overheating, as heavyweight turnout rugs tend to be ideal for ill or cold horses.