Lightweight Horse Rugs

Lightweight horse rugs are comfortable and breathable rugs designed for warmer months when the horse is turned out in the field. They are perfect for defending your horse against wind and rain, protecting sensitive horses from catching a chill in the summer season and from colds and other weather-related illnesses in the winter.

What are the benefits of using a lightweight horse rug?

One of the most versatile horse rug options for horse owners, a lightweight rug is a must-have. It can have many benefits for a horse’s lifestyle and mean that they get to enjoy being turned out in the field and can withstand weather and temperatures more easily.

Suitable right through the year

Because of how versatile a lightweight rug is, it is appropriate in all seasons. Ideal for milder seasons like autumn and spring, the lightweight outdoor horse rug is the best option for a horse rug in the UK to deal with that mild but unreliable weather. Then, in the winter months when a heavier turnout rug will be used, the lightweight rug can be kept as a backup for those slightly less chilly days.

The weather fluctuates considerably in the UK and while horses are more adept than humans at moderating their own body temperature, a lightweight horse rug in the UK can be used to help them adjust or to control their temperature. This protects them from becoming too hot or too cold. It also keeps them safe from rain and moisture in the air.

Keeps your horse’s coat protected

There are plenty of things in the field that can damage or dirty a horse’s coat in the field. From mud to dust to pests like flies, it’s easy for a horse’s coat to become grubby and matted when they come back in from the field. A lightweight rug can help to keep your horse’s coat dry and tidy, saving you hours of grooming.

Lightweight horse rugs also protect your horse’s coat from flies and insets which can become especially troublesome in the warmer months. While these rugs are not as effective as specialised fly rugs, they’re a comprehensive and affordable option to consider.

Defend your horse against UV rays

Harmful UV rays can bleach the coats of darker coloured horses, especially on bright and clear days. To keep your horse’s luxuriously dark coat shielded from the sun’s ultraviolet light, use a breathable lightweight outdoor rug for your horse.

By giving your horse some additional shade with a lightweight rug, you can keep them cooler during summer and protect them from UV rays.

Endless design and colour possibilities

When it comes to showing off your horse, there are few better ways than with a stylish and colourful rug. With our vast collection of stunning lightweight UK horse rugs, you can always find the perfect design for you and your horse. From subtle, modern colours for a minimalist look to bold, patterned rugs for something bright, you can find a lightweight outdoor rug in any style.

What type of lightweight horse rug do I need?

Our range stocks a wide variety of lightweight outdoor horse rugs that come in various fittings and features. Find lightweight rugs with tail straps, cross surcingles, simple closures, disc closures, double breast closures, and gussets. You can also choose between a diverse choice of materials, fabrics, water columns, and manufacturers.

There are many different types of lightweight rugs and they differ depending on their purpose.

A standard rain rug

A waterproof rain rug fastens under the belly, chest, and neck, covering the horse securely from neck to tail.

This comes with cross surcingles and a choice of fillings between 0g to 50g. These styles of lightweight outdoor rugs are water-resistant and will keep your horse dry during light downpours. They come without a neckpiece and are ideal for keeping your horse cool while avoiding a damp coat from the rain.

A high-neck rain rug

These designs cut higher at the withers to relieve pressure points and chafing. The high-neck fitting keeps water from running down under the rug and causing dampness that can dirty your horse’s coat. Especially when you’re looking for a lightweight turnout rug, the high neck is the ideal choice for a practical option.

While you could use a standard rain rug with a neckpiece, these are specially designed to keep that seam between neck and rug covered so you don’t have to worry about chafing under the rug.

A lightweight turnout rug with a hood

Depending on personal choice, you can choose an integrated or detachable hood for your horse which is designed to keep its ears and head dry in the rain and wind. This is an effective solution for horses with sensitive ears, skin, or prone to chills.

We normally recommend this option to horse owners based farther north or around the coasts of the UK as the best lightweight outdoor horse rug style for wet and windy weather. Unlike the high-neck rain rug, the hooded rug can protect the horse’s head and ears, adding that extra layer of protection and eliminating moisture from getting under the rug by the neckline.

Get your lightweight horse rug today

When it comes to the health and wellbeing of your horse, it’s important to not cut corners. We recommend a durable and hard-wearing lightweight outdoor horse rug for those in the UK, especially when your horse is turned out in the field.

Not only can these rugs help your horse to manage its body temperature, keep it dry in the rain, and protected from harsh sunlight but they can aid the growth of a strong relationship with your horse. Research has shown that the act of rugging a horse can help the bonding process and allow you to grow closer to your horse – something which can vastly improve riding.

Our full range of lightweight outdoor horse rugs is available in the UK at affordable prices. We stock only top-quality, sophisticated fittings with stunning designs. When you shop with us, you know you’re browsing superior horse rugs. Have a look through our collection today.


What lightweight horse rug should I use for open stables?

Horses in open stables will spend a lot of time outdoors and, as such, should be fitted with a lightweight rug that has a high waterproof rating as opposed to a standard stable rug. You can find this out in the product description of our stocked rugs. You should also be mindful that rugs for open stables horses should be very robust as these wear out much quicker from contact with other horses and animals.

Can I layer a lightweight rug with another rug?

For colder months, you can layer a lightweight rug with a stable rug while your horse is out in the field. This can provide an extra layer of warmth and make sure your horse is comfortable. It’s important to check that the horse doesn’t become too warm, though.

When should I use a lightweight horse rug?

It’s recommended that you generally use lightweight outdoor rugs during the spring and autumn seasons when weather is unpredictable and the combination of wet weather, cold temperatures, and strong winds can cause illnesses in animals. Even if your horse is only out in the field for a few hours, you should use a lightweight rug to keep it safe and healthy.