Fly Rugs For Heavy Horses

Any well-equipped tack room should have a fly rug in it. Fly rugs allow you to protect your horses from annoying flies. Heavy horse fly rugs are designed to protect the heaviest horse breeds during the summer months.

Although flies can be annoying to both humans and horses, they can cause a number of potentially life-threatening issues if they are left around your horse for too long. However, although they protect your horse, it is important that they are designed to ensure that your horse can run around like normal and won’t overheat.

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What does a heavy weight fly rug do?

Although heavy weight fly rugs are designed to specifically protect your horse against flies, they have many other benefits. Here are some of the best ways fly rugs for heavy horses can help you to protect your horse during the summer, without weighing them down.

Protects the skin

A horse’s skin is very delicate, and it can easily be damaged. However, gnats and flies love horse’s skin, and can bite it and cause it to inflame. If your horse gets bitten a lot, it can cause them to itch and scratch. If this is itched too much, cuts can appear in the horse’s skin which could lead to infection. Some horses can also have an allergic reaction to the saliva of Culicoides, which can cause ‘sweet itch’ and can lead to severe itching, scarring and hair loss.

A fly rug for a heavy horse can prevent flies from biting the skin, meaning that your horse won’t suffer from itching and won’t be at risk of infection.

Prevents external parasites

Although we all do everything we can to protect our horses, they can occasionally injure themselves or have an exposed piece of skin. If left untreated or uncovered, certain types of flies can lay eggs directly on the wound, which can be fatal. Protect your horse from potentially life-threatening illnesses with a perfectly fitting heavy horse rug.

Protects from UV rays

Like humans, horses need to be protected from the sun. Ultraviolet rays can cause their coat to bleach and can also give them sunburn which can sometimes lead to skin cancer, especially in light-coloured horses or horses with areas of pink skin. Heavy horse fly rugs cover the horse perfectly, meaning that they are protected from the sun’s potentially harmful rays.

Protects from photosensitivity

Photosensitivity is a sun-related skin injury that can be triggered by chemical imbalances in some horses’ bodies. These imbalances can be caused by a number of factors that can harm your horse if it is exposed to UV rays, and it can particularly affect white or pink areas of the horse’s skin. A fly rug for heavy horses can protect their skin from photosensitivity issues, especially if you prepare the fly rug with a mesh mask that can cover their ears and nose.

What is a heavy horse fly rug made from?

There are two types of material that heavy horse fly rugs are made from – soft and hard material. Soft fly rugs are typically made from cotton or a mesh of woven polyester. These are lightweight and airy, perfect for heavy horses, and they usually fit tightly around the body. Although these can be softer on the horse’s skin, they do tend to snag and break more easily.

Fly rugs for heavy horses made out of hard material are typically made from stiff PVC coated fabric, and this material is more durable and longer-lasting than the softer material. Although these tend to last longer, they can weigh the horse down, meaning that they are not necessarily the best option on really hot days.

If you are unsure about whether to get a hard or soft fly rug, consider opting for both, as this will ensure that your horse is protected from the heat and flies all year long.

Protect your heavy horse in the summer months

If you are looking for a way to protect your horse in the summer months and already make use of a fly sheet or sweat rug, the best way to protect them is to use a fly rug. Here are some of the main features of fly rugs for heavy horses:

A shoulder gusset, which can allow your horse to graze freely.

Attached or detachable neck cover.

Legs straps (either fixed or detachable).

Extra long tail flaps and bell flaps.

If you are looking for a fly rug for a heavy horse that will last for years and will protect your horse thoroughly from the summer sun and from pesky and potentially harmful insects, look no further than to our extensive range of professional and comfortable fly rugs for heavy horses.


What time of year do I need to put a heavy horse fly rug on my horse?

Although there is no specific time that you should put a fly rug on your horse, you should put one on as soon as flies and midges start annoying your horse. They usually appear as the weather gets warmer.

Can I leave a fly rug on my horse if it rains?

Yes, you can leave a fly rug on your horse if it is raining, as long as the temperature is not higher than 15 degrees and the rain is not prolonged. It is recommended however to have a waterproof horse rug to tackle rainy days.

Can I leave a fly rug on overnight?

Yes, you can leave a fly rug on overnight as long as it is well-fitted. However, make sure that you take it off regularly so that you can check your horse’s skin and check for injuries.