Horse Hoods & Bodysuits

Horse hoods and bodysuits cover the head and ears of your horse, leaving space and holes for their eyes to see. They’re designed to keep the forelock and mane clean, trained, tamed and in good condition. Check out the best horse hoods and bodysuits in the UK in our extensive range today.

Keep your horse clean and give them the extra warmth with our wide selection of horse hoods and bodysuits. Every product in our horse hood range has been carefully and intricately designed to help prevent irritation and rubbing compared to other horse rugs. We’ve also created horse hoods and bodysuits in the UK in a range of sizes, so your horse will be comfortable all day long. Whether it’s a stable rug, horse turnout hood, horse dry hood, or fleece rub, you can rest assured knowing that you’re investing in an exceptionally designed product that is both durable and strong.

Horse hoods have a wide array of uses and this multifunctional use makes them great to use among professionals, competition yards, amateurs and for medical purposes among vets.

For competition

Horse hoods are used to flatten the coat, add shine to it, keep the mane to one side, keep the double main to stay over, prevent stable stains after washing, keep plaits in place, and keep horses clean while travelling to lessons, shows or competitions while also helping keep day-to-day horses clean.

Add a layer of warmth

Horse hoods are often used for fully clipped horses in the winter to add a layer of warmth under their rugs, which is especially beneficial if you’ve got finer breeds who find it challenging during harsh weather and severe climates.

Prevent mane loss

Many horse owners buy horse hoods and horse bodysuits with legs to prevent mane loss as well as for other issues like sweet itch, wound compression, skin issues and much more. A horse fly hood can also protect against irritation caused by flies or other insect bites.

Protect the eye area

Alternatively, you can choose a horse hood where you’re covering the horse’s eye with a transparent mesh material to prevent insects from biting their eyes. This allows your horse to hear and see perfectly fine, but simply prevents insects from gathering on their eyes and face.

Limit wide area of vision with a horse hood

As a rider, you may want to limit your horse’s wide field of vision. For instance, if you’re on a working horse in a city that could become frightened by everything around him. So, focusing his area of sight forward will help eliminate these obstacles around him. Another example is if you’ve got a racehorse that quickly becomes excited or nervous when he sees competitors beside him. So, sometimes limiting his sightline can make him more focused and relaxed on his task and rider. To do this, trainers often use hoods with blinkers (or blinker hoods) to get the most out of their horse during a race.

Why choose a horse bodysuit with legs?

Available in a range of colours like navy and black, you can choose from a horse bodysuit with or without sleeves. Whether it’s to keep your horse clean before a horse show or competition, to keep the mane flat, or to prevent shavings and dust from ruining their coat, there are a wide number of reasons why a bodysuit with legs is a popular choice among many horse owners alongside a show rug. Choose from nylon or lycra horse bodysuits as they’re robust and aren’t known to sag, unlike polyester lycra. Optional extras like zips ensure that your horse bodysuit is easy to wear and just as easy to take off.

How to clean and maintain a horse bodysuit with legs?

A horse bodysuit with legs is incredibly easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is put on your washing machine at 40-60 degrees to remove dirt, debris and dirt, but ensure that you don’t tumble dry and leave it instead to airdry. Remember to fasten any velcro before you wash the bodysuit to prevent hair from getting stuck into the velcro. This cleaning method can be used for a wide selection of horse hoods and bodysuits, but do read about specific product care on the product description.

Types of horse hoods

Horse turnout hood

If you’re a busy rider, a horse turnout hood is great to bring a muddy or wet horse into the field. Not only does it give back hours that you’ve spent clipping and grooming so that you can spend more time on your house, but it can also be used to prevent stable stains. Often designed to be robust, bath-proof, breathable, washable and with stretch fabric, a horse turnout hood is a great way to prevent your house from being chafed all year round. You can even choose from additional features like an adjustable nose for improved fit, a water-repellent finish and a self-fixing surcingle for additional security with your horse turnout hood. Pair with a turnout rug for full protection.

Zip horse hood

Without the zip, your horse hood is a pull-on, so it simply slips over the nose and is pulled into position. If your horse is head shy, finds a pull-on upsetting or stressful, we recommend a zip horse hood. If not, on the other hand, we recommend going for a pull-on hood. Not only is it less likely to break, but it’s also less fiddly and bulky.

Water-repellent horse hood

A water-repellent horse hood with a chest and zip fastening makes it easier to adjust the girth and put the hood on and off. While not entirely waterproof as water-repellent, the horse hood will ensure that less water is absorbed, which will help reduce staining and be showerproof. It’s worth noting that in severe rain, these hoods are helpful but might not keep all the moisture out. If you are looking for an alternative to a water repellent, opt for one of our waterproof rugs or waterproof turnout rugs.

How to measure the size of a horse hood?

First and foremost, you should read our size guide. However, as a rule of thumb, the surcingle should sit on the girth as close as possible to the foreleg. While it shouldn’t be too tight, it shouldn’t slide back along the horse’s body. The horse hood should fit tightly around the cheek area and can be loosened around the nose. There tend to be adjusters on either side of the face. These can be used to tighten up the horse hood accordingly. Ultimately, you should leave enough slack sound the neck area for your horse to extend its neck and eat properly from the floor area. Buy horse hoods in the UK online today.


How should the horse hood fit on my horse?

You can use our size guide to determine the perfect size for your horse since horses have different confirmation and bone sizes. You should keep in mind that a correctly fitted hood should not move out of place.

Are the horse hoods machine washable?

The horse hoods wash very well in a washing machine and they dry incredibly fast. We recommend using a fabric conditioner at 30 degrees Celsius when you wash your horse hoods. Before washing ensure that the buckle is fastened so that it doesn’t get lost.

Can your hoods be used as a horse turnout hood?

Yes – the material used to make the hoods is durable and dries the moisture very fast. For this reason, they’re great for outdoor use.