Personalised Horse Rugs

Personalised horse rugs in the UK add a unique twist to standard horse rugs. Whether you wish to jazz up your stable, cooler, waterproof, or mesh rug with a subtle piece of embroidery, a bold colour or a race-winning custom made horse rug design, we have just what you need. You may have questions about using a personalised horse rug, such as when can I use it? How should I wash it? Why should I even use one? Are they as good as a normal rug? and so on. This is why our team have created this extensive guide covering the ins and outs of personalised horse rugs in the UK.

When should I use custom horse rugs?

Horse rugs are used in autumn/winter as the temperatures dip. Although horses are masters in maintaining their own body temperature, they sometimes can appreciate a little help with this. You’ll know when to rug your horse with personalised horse rugs by placing a thermometer outside of the stables. If you record a temperature that’s around 5 degrees Celsius, then we’d recommend rugging your horse. However, if your horse is a little bit older, or younger, clipped, underweight or lives outside all year round then we would suggest being a little quicker to rug your horse and that you should introduce a rug when temperatures reach 10 degrees Celsius.

How can a personalised horse rug help?

A personalised rug that has your horse’s name on it or a specific, unique design can help if you take your horse to any race as it can help you identify your horse quickly. It can also help after and in between races as an exercise rug as it will help to regulate the body temperature of your horse.

Personalised horse rugs also make a great addition for those who share stables or field space with neighbours. It can solve any confusion about who’s horse is who if some look rather similar as it can be a help to locate your horse – especially from a distance – if you allow yours to roam across a field or pen.

For some, a horse is more than a race winner, it’s a part of their family. By gifting yours with custom made horse rugs you can make your horse look more so like a member of the family too. If you have a friend or family member with a horse, a custom rug can also make a wonderful gift.

How can my horse rug be personalised?

Your custom made horse rugs can be personalised in a whole host of different ways. There can be some simple embroidery in the corner with initials, for example, for those who like to opt for more subtle designs.

They can also cater to louder tastes and can be personalised with a bold and colourful design that you’ll definitely be able to spot from across the field. It’ll make a welcome change to the dull and plain horse rugs that are most often used, and so will help your horse stand out a little more.

In addition to this, they can even be personalised to look as though it’s a racing rug, with your horse’s name, their racing number, and the race you want to enter them in ideally printed on such as the Randox Grand National.

Which types of horse rug can be personalised?

There are many different types of horse rugs. For example, there are Turnout rugs (used for weather protection), Stable rugs I(for horses that live indoors), and mesh or ,fly rugs (which prevent irritation from flies and bugs in summer months). Also, horses use Sheet rugs (in warmer weather to protect against UV rays), Cooler rugs (to help regulate your horse’s body temperature after exercise), and Waterproof rugs (to protect your horse against the rain).

Depending on your preference, one or all of these can be personalised in any way you want. However, the most common custom horse rugs are Cooler rugs and rugs that are used for travel. This is because you’re much more likely to use these rugs in a context wherein you want to be able to easily recognise your horse, such as in a sporting event.

Are personalised horse rugs in the UK comfortable?

One concern that’s usually expressed is whether or not personalised horse rugs are comfortable. You may think that the embroidery that’s used on our custom horse rugs can cause some irritation to your horse’s skin, however, there’s no need to worry. A custom horse rug is made in much the same way as an ordinary rug, and we strive to ensure that any added bits of the design are made from horse-friendly materials so that they cannot cause your horse any discomfort when placed on.

Do I need to wash my personalised horse rug?

Would you leave any other horse rug unwashed? No, so you shouldn’t leave your personalised horse rug unwashed either. A build-up of grime, rain and your horse’s perspiration can come together and cause your horse some major discomfort by rubbing against their skin. This can also potentially cause some negative health effects such as the development of skin conditions.

If you’re worried about taking off any of the embroidery/ink when you’re washing your personalised horse rug, there are a few different ways in which you can wash it.

A personalised rug can be washed as any horse rug can. It can be spot cleaned by using a cloth and some specialised cleanser to wipe away any bits of dirt and grime that may have been picked up as your horse has been trotting around.

At least once per season, we recommend that you thoroughly wash your personalised horse rug. If your rug is lightweight, you can put it in the washing machine, however, we would recommend that rather than using a tumble dryer you let your personalised horse rug air dry. Place it into a radiator or a washing maiden to protect the design.

If your custom horse rug is heavy weight or medium weight, we’d recommend that you hand wash it. You can do this by using colder water and non-bio detergent as hotter temperatures can damage the design or the rug itself. Same as if you used a machine to wash it, let your personalised horse rug airdry.


Can I use a personalised rug when it’s raining?

We’d recommend that when it’s raining that – unless your horse’s personalised rug is waterproof – that you leave it in the stable and use a waterproof one. This can protect your horse from skin conditions, keep them comfortable and save the design of the personalised rug.

Can I send my personalised rug off to the cleaners?

For specialist attention to your personalised rug, you can send it off to a cleaner. They might be more experienced in getting tough stains out of custom rugs without interfering with the design.

Does a personalised rug offer the same level of protection as normal rugs?

You may be thinking that a personalised is a gimmick and can’t be used as a serious means of protection for your horse. However, this is a misconception as a personalised stable rug works the same as an ordinary one, etc.