Exercise Sheets & Walker Rugs

Our horse exercise sheets are available in a variety of materials including fleece, wool, waterproof, and high visibility. If you ride your horse on a regular basis throughout the colder months, a horse exercise sheet should be an essential part of your riding equipment along with your horse rugs. We have a range of waterproof and fleece exercise sheets for horses, which are great for any horse or pony who needs to stay dry while exercising during a downpour.

What is a horse exercise sheet?

An exercise sheet is designed to be worn while exercising a horse, particularly when protection from the cold and rain is essential. Weather conditions can change quickly here in the United Kingdom, so we must always be prepared while riding our horses in outdoor arenas or while out hacking. A horse walker rug is a critical item in any equestrian wardrobe to protect our horse from chills and cramps, as well as keeping them safe and comfortable when the weather is not so good. Exercise sheets and walker rugs for horses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are designed to be used under the saddle, while others are designed to be used behind the saddle or wrapped around the rider and can be taken off quickly and silently once the horse has warmed up.

Why a horse exercise sheet is needed

If your horse is totally clipped, has delicate skin, is susceptible to cold, or if you just want to keep them dry while it rains, an exercise sheet is required. It is not possible to use normal horse rugs due to the fact that they are not designed to be worn while riding – they drop too low and cause difficulties.

The benefits of using a horse exercise sheet or horse walker rug

Warmth is, without a doubt, the most crucial benefit. These walker rugs for horses keep them warm across their back, croup, loins, and vital organs such as the liver and kidneys. Muscle suppleness is dependent on the amount of heat that the muscles get.

They are extremely useful for building up warmth for a school session or a contest since they help to stimulate the muscles in the hindquarters and the back of the horse. Take it off as soon as you believe the horse is sufficiently warm to avoid him or her from sweating excessively. It should be put back on after you have finished exercising to stop their muscles from cooling down too rapidly, which can induce shivers and cramping.

During hacking out, exercise fly sheets for horses are frequently used to keep the muscles warmed, especially during more leisurely hacks in the cooler months. Horses have more chance of being trimmed at this time of year as well, so keeping them cosy is very vital at this time. Exercise fly sheets can help to protect from irritation caused by insects.

Aside from that, horses suffering from Azoturia may benefit from the use of a horse walker rug.

A waterproof horse rug or exercise sheet protects your horse from getting wet, but also more significantly, it keeps him or her from feeling chilly due to the rain. In most cases, waterproof exercise sheets are windproof at the same time.

They also help to increase your visibility while out on your horse. Many exercise sheets feature reflective strips or patches, which are especially useful for winter riding in low visibility conditions if you plan on taking your horse out on the road.

Buying the right exercise sheet for your horse

Every horse and rider can find an exercise sheet to fit their needs. You should consider what you will be using it for and when before making such a significant investment.

For those who take their horses out mostly in an inside school or in an outside school on dryer days, a fleece exercise sheet will help to keep your horse comfortable while also wicking away any sweat that may accumulate on his body.

If you ride primarily outside and your horse is susceptible to the cold, invest in a waterproof saddle with a warm fleece inside. It is important to keep in mind that certain waterproof exercise sheets can ruffle a little as horses walk around wearing them, which could be a problem for horses who are nervous or sensitive to noise.

If you regularly hack out and have to travel on roads or country lanes, a High Visibility Rug is a must-have. Everyone else on the road will be able to see your horse from a long way away and from all directions, which is extremely important for maximum safety. This is something that is recommended by equestrian safety bodies including the British Horse Society and the Pony Club, to protect both you and your horse while out on the roads or in the forest.

In the summer, if you choose to use an exercise sheet, you may want to consider a mesh one to help prevent flies from landing on your horse and annoying them.

How to measure for a horse exercise sheet or walker rug

Exercise sheets are supplied in smaller sizes than rug sizes. It is critical, like with any horse rug, to select the appropriate size for your horse in order to ensure that your horse is comfortable and that the sheet is safe to use. The exercise sheet should provide the horse ample range of movement without allowing an excessive amount of cloth to hang down, which could become entangled in shrubs, fences, or in entranceways. In order to prevent the exercise sheet from blowing around on the horse’s back, it should have a fillet string.

To determine the correct size exercise sheet for your horse, use a soft tape measure and measure from the highest point of your horse’s withers to the root of his tail. Horse exercise sheets in the UK are normally measured in feet and inches, similar to how standard horse rugs are measured. Find the best exercise sheet for horses online today.


Are there any other features I should be looking out for in the best exercise sheet for horses?

Ideally, you would want a fleece exercise sheet for horses. This fleece lining will prevent the walker rug from blowing about in windy weather, which is particularly important for nervous or young horses, as well as giving an extra layer of warmth. This can work alongside a winter horse rug.

What is the difference between a walker rug and an exercise sheet?

The style of walker rugs is similar to that of exercise sheets, in that they serve to keep your horse warm while on a horse walker. However, they are usually more in the style of a conventional rug, with fastenings at the front and under the belly. There is just an increase in the amount of cut away at the shoulder to accommodate for movement.

Why do horses with azoturia benefit from a horse exercise sheet?

Azoturia occurs as a result of a metabolic aberration in the cells of the muscle. Cramping and muscular stiffness occur as a result of the hardening of the horse’s muscles over the loins and quarters when Azoturia develops. Cramping and muscular stiffness occur when the horse exercises. The horse’s stride shortens, it stumbles behind, and eventually becomes lame and may collapse if the activity is not stopped. Gradual warming and cooling of the muscles can prevent an attack.