Shetland Pony Stable Rugs

Horse rugs are specially designed as a form of shielding for horses and ponies. These specially manufactured rugs work to defend a horse or pony from harsh weather conditions and climates whilst providing comfort and security. A Shetland stable rug is designed with synthetic or padded materials to keep a horse or pony warm and comfortable whilst they are in their stable environment or other indoor spaces. Given the ever-changing climate and weather of the UK, a stable rug will be a valuable investment for your horse or pony.

Why does my Shetland pony need a stable rug?

Shetland stable rugs aren’t a necessity for your horse or Shetland pony if you have a well-insulated stable environment for them, however, they actually serve multiple other purposes than simply keeping your pony warm. Shetland pony stable rugs work to improve your pony’s temperature regulation, as well as ensure their cleanliness and neatness and protect them from the elements of the UK and a variety of illnesses, whilst simultaneously keeping them snug and warm.

Improves temperature regulation

In some cases, a Shetland pony may need some assistance to regulate its body temperature – which is where a Shetland pony stable rug comes in. These Shetland stable rugs can assist older, underweight and unwell Shetland ponies to regulate their temperatures and keep them comfortable and healthy. Shetland pony stable rugs are needed especially during winter periods as horses can burn calories when trying hard to keep themselves warm – by using a stable rug, your Shetland pony doesn’t have to exert energy unnecessarily.

There are many different weights of Shetland stable rug for you to choose between to find the perfect rug to keep your pony comfortable. Heavier weighted stable rugs are usually reserved for harsh weather conditions or freezing temperatures. You can choose between lightweight stable rugs, medium weight stable rugs and heavyweight stable rugs to ensure that you can keep your pony’s body temperature regular and comfortable.

The best way to check whether your Shetland pony requires a standard rug, or a heavier rug, is to physically feel whether it feels cold on the inside of your pony’s rug. Judging the heat this way prevents your pony from being too cold as well as from potentially overheating.

Increases cleanliness

Shetland pony stable rugs ensure that your pony is well protected against dirt and debris that can affect your pony’s coat. These Shetland stable rugs will ensure that your pony can remain cleaner for longer, leaving extended time between bathings. These rugs are a great defence against damp dirt and wet mud that can easily cling to your Shetland pony’s long coat.

You can easily maintain the pristine and neat condition of your pony’s coat for longer by investing in a Shetland pony stable rug. This is extremely helpful if you are planning to showcase your pony and hope to keep them as neat and presentable as possible.

Protection against insects and skin diseases

Shetland stable rugs are also a great investment to protect the health of your pony and to protect them against a variety of harmful insects and diseases. In the warmer seasons, a range of insects is brought out that can irritate your Shetland pony and sometimes bite them which can result in areas of swelling and pain for your pony. Shetland pony stable rugs ensure that most of your Shetland pony’s body is guarded against these insects. It is valuable to mention that if you plan to use a Shetland stable rug during the warmer seasons that a lightweight stable rug is recommended.

Shetland pony stable rugs can also protect your Shetland pony from a variety of skin diseases that can occur during the colder seasons and wetter weather periods. For example, if your Shetland pony is exposed to damp weather consistently or they aren’t properly warmed after being out in the wet, they run the risk of developing a bacterial skin infection sometimes referred to as rain scold or rain rot.

Increases comfort

These types of rugs have been proven to significantly improve the comfort and peace of mind of many horses and ponies. A Shetland stable rug offers a pony the feeling of safety, comfort and warmth which keeps them relaxed and in a healthy position. They are extremely beneficial to horses and ponies that have just completed exercising, which can sometimes cause them to become cold as their muscles cool down post-exercise.

What materials are Shetland pony stable rugs made from?

Shetland pony stable rugs are traditionally manufactured from a variety of lightweight materials, including cotton, to ensure that they don’t feel too heavy whilst still providing heat. The filling on the inside of the Shetland stable rug’s quilted padding is what provides warmth to your Shetland pony and it is the amount of this filling that dictates the amount of heat and warmth that the stable rug will provide. The more filling, the heavier the stable rug, the warmer your Shetland pony will feel.

Is there a difference between outdoor rugs and stable rugs?

Shetland stable rugs are traditionally used in indoor spaces, such as stables, horse boxes or at horse shows. Outdoor rugs such as Shetland pony turnout rugs, or Shetland pony fly rugs are better designed to deal with external weather elements like wind and rain. Shetland pony stable rugs aren’t designed to incorporate a lot of movement – in comparison, outdoor rugs are designed with different materials so that your horse or pony has freedom of movement to gallop and run.


What size Shetland pony stable rug is suitable for a Shetland pony?

Measuring your Shetland pony and referring to a size guide is the best way to ensure you invest in a valuable Shetland stable rug that is functional and practical. For reference, a miniature Shetland pony of 31 inches in height is traditionally recommended to wear a 3’9 inch stable rug to ensure maximum comfort.

At what temperature will my Shetland pony need to wear a stable rug?

It depends on the temperature to determine when your Shetland pony needs a stable rug. Between 0 and 4 degrees, a heavyweight stable rug is recommended when clipped and mediumweight if unclipped. Temperatures above this recommend lightweight for unclipped and mediumweight for clipped, or none at all.

Do Shetland ponies need to wear rugs as often as regular horses?

Shetland ponies naturally have longer, shaggy coats which means that they are less likely to require a stable rug than regular horses. Rugging is mainly recommended for Shetland ponies in exceptionally cold weather or harsh weather conditions which are common in the UK.

To discover our range of Shetland pony stable rugs, you can view our collection via our website and purchase the ideal weight and size for your Shetland pony to ensure that they are comfortable, warm and well protected and shielded from the elements.