Fly Rugs

Purchase fly rugs for horses today online to protect your horse from flies and other irritants, so that they can graze and rest with ease. There is a huge range of products, from zebra fly rugs for horses to waterproof ones. Shop online for the best fly rug for horses today.

Fly blankets, fly rugs and fly masks protect your horse from horseflies and other pests, allowing him or her to graze freely. In warm weather, fly rugs are perfect for protecting your horse from horseflies and other pests.

Fly rugs for horses are intended to keep attacking flies away from your horse’s sensitive skin. A fly rug’s protective mesh will allow air to circulate around your horse while shielding the horse’s coat and body from irritating bites. The perfect fly rug can keep your horse cool and repel pesky insects. The fewer distractions your horse encounters while grazing or waiting at the side of the ring, the more content it will be. You can also use a fly rug inside to protect them from the bites of stable flies.

What are the other benefits of a horse fly rug?

Soft and durable — These rugs are typically quite soft, making them quite comfortable for your horse. This is beneficial because nothing is more unpleasant than being uncomfortable on a hot day. Additionally, they are really sturdy, which means they will last you a long time, despite their softness.

Prevents biting – Their primary purpose is to keep your horse safe from flies and other insects. When your horse is out in the field, using one of these amazing fly rugs allows it to relax without being attacked by insects.

Another side benefit of fly rugs is that they shield your horse from direct sunlight. This safeguards the animal’s hair and skin from harm caused by excessive exposure to direct sunlight.

Versatility – These sheets are quite versatile and perform well both in the field and in the stables. As a result, you will not have to bother about changing rugs when transporting your horse from the stables to the field.

Which fly rug is the best?

The perfect rug for you and your horse will vary according to your horse and the surrounding environment. There are horse rugs, for example, that have been treated with the insecticide permethrin. Even better, you can wash them several times before the effect wears off. However, insecticides are not for everyone. In most cases, a rug that is of good quality and fits the horses properly should be enough.

Not all horses accept a neckpiece or ear protection, despite the fact that they are quite beneficial for bug prevention. You simply have to give it a try. If you intend to leave your horse alone for an extended period of time in the pasture or paddock, you should ensure that the pony fly rug fits properly. Additionally, it should be constructed of a permeable material. It should also have an antimicrobial covering on the interior, if possible.

What size horse rug does my horse need?

As is the case with most ride on fly rugs for horses accurate sizing is critical to ensure the rug fits properly, is effective, and does not obstruct your horse’s movement. The most critical measurement is the length of your horse’s back. To establish this, use a tape measure to measure from the withers to the base of the tail. This is the rug’s size in centimetres. Ensure that you measure exactly along the horse’s spine.

Horses do not all have the same back length. There are horses that are larger and slimmer, that are more solidly built, and others who are more diminutive. As a result, you should also take a measurement of the chest circumference. From one side to the other, measure about at the centre of the chest. In many cases, a ride on fly rug for horses can be sized simply by adjusting the buckles. Rugs are available in a variety of sizes, from miniature ponies to large Shire horses.

What are the best fly rugs for horses made of?

The material used to produce fly rugs for horses is typically classified as “soft” or “hard.”

Typically, soft fly rugs are constructed of cotton or a woven polyester soft mesh. They are light and airy, with a tendency to contour more closely to the body. While these are generally gentler on a horse’s coat and skin, they can catch and tear more quickly.

Stiff PVC-coated material is used to make the hard fly rugs. This is more durable and robust than the soft equivalent. Some pony rugs are more conforming to the body, as if made of a softer substance, while others appear to sit further away from the horse, forming a barrier.

The different types of fly rugs for horses

Waterproof: Certain types of fly rugs for horses are waterproof. The product description should state whether or not the rug is waterproof. A waterproof fly rug is constructed with a waterproof panel on top and typically mesh on the bottom.

In the spring and autumn, waterproof fly mats are most effective. While every waterproof garment is breathable, it will never be sufficiently comfortable to wear on a hot day.

Zebra: It has been demonstrated that the stripes on a zebra fly mat efficiently deterred flies from settling on the horse, as they flew by them or collided with them and bounced away! This means that a fly rug with zebra print is one of the best fly rugs for horses available. Purchase zebra fly rugs for horses online now.

Coloured fly rugs: Funky patterned and brightly coloured fly rugs are now very popular too. In a field of horses, a coloured fly rug can help your horse to stand out.

Features of fly rugs for horses

There are a number of features to look out for when purchasing fly rugs for horses online:

  • Shoulder gussets
  • Necks that can be detached
  • Leg straps
  • Surcingles, both single and double
  • Belly flap
  • Tail flap
  • Front closures

How do you care for a fly rug?

Fly rugs are vulnerable to wear and tear over the course of a season due to their frequent use. A regular maintenance schedule will assist in extending the life of your fly rug. Regardless of the quality or cost of your rugs, they are still composed of lightweight fabric and are prone to damage.

Frequently inspect the fabric for small tears and the condition of buckles, surcingles, and leg straps. Repairing minor damage as soon as you see it will help extend the life of your rugs. Buy the best fly rugs for horses online, today.


Should my horse wear a fly rug overnight?

Yes, you may leave a well-fitting fly rug on overnight. The rug should be removed on a regular basis and the horse inspected for injuries, just like you would with a turnout rug.

Can I leave a fly rug on my horse when it rains?

Yes, you can keep a fly rug on during the wet weather as long as the temperature is above 15 degrees and the rain is not persistent and severe. The rug will eventually dry out.

Will my horse be cool enough with a rug on?

Fly rugs, which are made of lightweight mesh, are breathable and allow for air circulation. They can really help to cool down a dark horse, as they are typically constructed with pale coloured materials that reflect the UV rays.